How To Get A Sim Card For International Travel?

Currently, traveling abroad is a common trend for everyone. It helps you relax and enjoy a great vacation. To prepare for the perfect trip abroad, you need to prepare some personal belongings and necessary items to serve the trip.

Especially in your travel journey, it is impossible not to have an internet connection – one of the most important things. Buying a travel sim abroad is necessary so you can access the internet anytime, anywhere, and check in to famous tourist destinations when traveling abroad.

How to choose, buy a travel sim to go abroad to save money and time. Sim 4 USA will share with you in the article below a few experiences about “how to get a sim card for international travel”.

Which Sim Card To Use For International Travel?

Choosing the finest overseas SIM card may be difficult since there are many possibilities, each with its advantages and disadvantages. So let us begin by outlining the broad kinds of SIM cards:

International SIM Cards

An international SIM card covers a region of nations. One international SIM card may cover the European Union, another international SIM card may cover North America, and another international SIM card may cover a group of Asian nations.

International SIM cards are often bought before a trip and shipped to you before departure, or you may download the eSIM if your phone is compatible.

International SIM cards are more costly than domestic ones, but they are more convenient especially if you use an eSIM.

Single-Country/Local SIM Cards

Single-nation SIM cards only operate in the country where they are bought, and they are often linked to local cell service, resulting in the greatest speeds and coverage.

Purchasing a Local SIM is sometimes the most cost-effective choice, but it comes with the extra complication of needing to locate a SIM Card after you arrive, dealing with language problems, and perhaps having to register the SIM before activation (which may require you to submit your passport and provide a local address)

NOTE: Under EU legislation, every SIM card purchased in the EU is free to use in any other EU nation.

Global SIM Cards

Global SIM Cards may be used almost everywhere globally. You may, for example, use the same Global SIM card in France, Vietnam, the United States, and Morocco. 

Global SIM cards function by collaborating with local cell operators. However, consumers are often given the last priority.

Global SIM cards are notoriously unreliable. Faceless corporations often operate with no customer service and constantly appear to have connection issues. Just conduct a search on Amazon, and you’ll find a slew of bad comments. You also pay a lot more and receive a lot fewer data.

However, I like the Orange Holiday World SIM card since it is owned by Orange, one of the world’s top cell operators, although data is restricted in certain countries.

What Kind Of Sim Card Is For Traveling Around The World?

Until recently, if you wanted to connect to a different cell service, you had to physically remove the plastic SIM card from your phone and insert a new one.

However, many current phones now allow you to download a digital eSIM to your phone, eliminating the need to physically remove any SIM cards. 

Because you don’t have to look for a SIM card, eSIMs are much handier, and you can typically put many eSIM cards on your phone (in addition to your physical SIM) to have various plans on a single phone.

How To Get A Sim Card For International Travel?

Get A Sim Card For International Travel

Purchase a Local SIM Card When Arriving at Your Destination

A local SIM card will provide you with the greatest prices and access to local discounts. This is unquestionably the best alternative if you don’t want to deal with pricey phone calls, scavenging free internet, or going home to an enormous bill.

Place to Purchase a Local SIM Card

Most locations sell SIM cards, including airports, local businesses, 7-11s, newsstands, and vending machines. To prevent scams and damaged SIMs, purchasing from an authorized network store rather than a reseller is advisable.

The majority of international airports will feature an official phone provider kiosk. If you need a local SIM card, proceed immediately after landing.

Amazon now sells pre-loaded local SIM cards, allowing you to use your phone as soon as you get to your location.

The Requirement to Purchase a Local SIM Card

You will need the following items to buy a local SIM card:

  • A passport is required.
  • Unlocked mobile phone
  • A physical location (sometimes)
  • Some countries, such as India, may also need passport photographs.

How to Determine Whether Your Phone Is Unlocked?

Most phones nowadays come unlocked for international usage. However, certain phones will have a waiting period (for example, Verizon phones will not be unlocked for foreign use until 60 days after purchase).

If you are unsure if your phone is locked or not, you may contact your service provider or go to a shop to confirm and, if it is locked, seek assistance unlocking it. Most suppliers would gladly assist you in unlocking it for overseas usage.

Are You Planning A European Vacation? Your Sim Card Will Work In Several Countries.

A SIM card purchased in Spain (for example) can function in other EU nations, such as France and Portugal, as long as you use a major operator like Orange or Vodafone. If you want to visit many European countries, you only need to purchase a local SIM card once.

Some countries prohibit foreigners from purchasing SIM cards.

Foreigners are prohibited from obtaining SIM cards in certain countries, while others make it very difficult. In Pakistan, for example, it is very difficult for a foreigner to get a SIM card. As a tourist, the majority of nations in the globe allow you to purchase some type of local SIM card; nevertheless, if your location is on this list, purchasing a local SIM card may be impossible or very difficult.

Check Phone Compatibility

Mobile networks across the globe operate on various frequencies, primarily utilizing one of two systems: CDMA or GSM. Because most nations utilize the GSM system, your phone will most likely need to be a GSM device to work in another country. Confused? WillMyPhoneWork can tell you if your phone will operate in your target country.

Examine Destination Coverage

While pricing is your primary priority, you should also consider providing coverage when picking which phone plan to acquire in your location. Coverage maps are normally accessible on the network operator’s website, or you may utilize Open Signal.

Purchase an International SIM Card

An international SIM card is a SIM card that may be used anywhere in the globe. When you change countries, the international SIM will produce a new, local phone number for you, enabling you to text, call and use data on a local network.

Companies such as WorldSIM sell foreign SIM cards, although they are more expensive than local SIMs.

Most Effective International SIM Cards

In a saturated market, here are three solid foreign SIM card options:

  • Telestial: Choose between a data-only SIM card ($14.95) and one with low-cost texts and calls ($19.95) that works in over 150 countries. You may top up your account online at any moment.
  • WorldSIM: After you buy and install your SIM card, you can use their website to add data bundles for over 190 countries and begin using your new number. Prices vary by country. For example, 1GB will cost $20 in Japan but $15 in the United Kingdom.
  • KnowRoaming: The SIM card itself costs $9.99. You must also buy a data plan, which starts at $3.99 for one day of unlimited usage.

How to Use a Global SIM Card in Your Phone?

International SIM cards function similarly to prepaid phone plans. You buy the SIM card (or, in the case of WorldSIM, receive one for free), then top it up and add extra “credit” for data and phone use as you travel.


In short, you can buy three types of sim cards to serve your needs while enjoying your trip abroad: international sim cards, single-country/local sim cards and global sim cards.

With the above information, we hope you know you are suitable for travel SIM services purchased at foreign airports and convenience stores or buy and receive travel sim cards right at Sim 4 USA.