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Is my cellphone compatible with 4G LTE in the USA?

High-end and new smartphones are most likely to at least connect in 3G H+. iPhone 6 and onwards models will connect in 4G LTE. Android smartphones exist in a variety of models.

What is the roaming option in Canada & Mexico?

This feature is just accessible on T-Mobile (add-on 5$). Your data(Up to 5GB), unlimited calls, and texts are available to you in Canada & Mexico. Be sure to allow Roaming mode on your cellphone.
While Roaming in Canada and Mexico data is limit to 5GB.

Should my cellphone be unlocked / sim-free?

Yes. Your cellphone needs to accept a sim card from another provider than your current one. The quickest strategy to know is to insert a sim card from another provider. If the network shows up, your cellphone is unlocked.

In case you purchased your cellphone in a store and not with your provider, it’s more likely to be unlocked already.

If you purchased your cellphone through your provider, you might have to contact them directly.

What are the coverage differences between T-Mobile & AT&T?

In terms of internet speed and coverage, T-Mobile & AT&T are nearly identical. In some rural areas, one provider will have more coverage than the other.

What’s the delivery time for the sim card?

shipping time is approximately 2 to 3  business days. it may take longer based on your location.
for more info go to Fedex.com

We using FedEx international priority.

The price and exact delivery date might be indicated on the payment page as soon as your full address is filled in. we usually ship with FEDEX int’l priority.

What happens to all of my previous data on my phone?

Swapping SIM Cards would not change or delete the images, apps, emails, or settings on your cellphone. These are all saved in your cellphone and never on the SIM Card.

Will I get a USA mobile number?

Your USA cellular number is allocated when your SIM Card is activated on the date you choose in your order. As soon as your SIM Card connects to the network upon arrival in the USA, verify your cellphone settings to find your USA cellular number. If you want to know your USA cellular number previous to departure, please schedule your activation date 1 day before your trip.

will send you via email the new phone number once we activate it.

How do I activate the SIM card?

Your USA SIM Card comes pre-activated and prepared for instant use from the date you specify in your order. No additional activation steps are required when you land within the USA. The SIM Card will begin working instantly upon landing in the USA.
You need to insert the sim card that we sent you into your phone and restart your phone.

How do I order two or more SIM cards?

If you wish to order extra SIM Cards, add one to your buying cart, then buy and add the second and many other SIM cards to your cart. Then checkout. You’ll only be charged one delivery cost.

What is a SIM card (SIM chip)?

The SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card, about the size of a postage stamp, has a small chip containing all your account information for the cell phone company.

What is a prepaid SIM card?

A prepaid SIM card is a “pay as you go” account. There are no contracts or minimum monthly usage. You can add as much credit to your account.

Are any identification papers or passports required when activating a SIM Card?

No, they are not needed.

is my cell phone compatible with USA network?

At the beginning of February 2022 3G network was shut down within the USA. you must to make sure your phone support 4G and VOLTE together to be able to use USA network. and needs to be UNLOCKED as well.
High-end and new smartphones are most likely to at least compatible. iPhone 6 and onwards models will be 100% compatible. you can chat with us to check your phone compatibility.

Can you ship my SIM card to my hotel/address in the USA, so it will be waiting for me when I arrive?

Yes, we can. Please provide us with the hotel’s address in the US under the shipping section during the checkout process.

Will the SIM card work on my phone?

Your SIM card will work in any unlocked GSM world band phone, quad-band phone, and US dual-band phone. Please check with your phone manufacturer or cellular provider to make sure your phone will work in the USA.

How can I unlock my phone?

Most cellular carriers will unlock your phone for you if you have been a customer of theirs for at least three months. If your provider does not unlock your phone, there are services on eBay that will do it for you.

How will I know how to use the services on my SIM card, such as voicemail?

When you receive the SIM card, you will also receive detailed directions for all the functions and services that the SIM card account offers. Including voicemail, how to recharge your SIM card, how to check your balance, and more.

Will my SIM card work outside the USA?

T-Mobile and AT&T SIM cards will roam only in Canada and Mexico, but you should check with your carrier about call cost and minimum balance requirements. This information is available on the carrier’s website


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Basic Plan
  • Unlimited Talk & Text Nationwide
  • 6GB of High-Speed data (Unlimited at up to 128 kbps speed thereafter)
  • Unlimited International Talk to 70 Countries
  • $2.50 Bonus International Credit
Bronze Plan
  • Unlimited Talk & Text Nationwide
  • 12GB of High-Speed data (Unlimited at up to 128 kbps speed thereafter)
  • Unlimited International Talk & text to 75+ Countries**
  • $10 Bonus International Credit
Silver Plan
  • Unlimited Talk & Text Nationwide
  • Unlimited Data with 60GB at up to 4G/5G
  • Unlimited International Talk & Text to 75+ Countries**
  • Bonus International Minutes
Gold Plan
  • Unlimited Talk & Text Nationwide
  • Unlimited HIGH SPEED Data at up to 4G/5G speed
  • Unlimited International Talk & Text to 75+ Countries**
  • Bonus International Minutes

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