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Discover the ideal prepaid SIM Card or Plan at Sims 4 USA, ensuring uninterrupted communication during your travels. Stay effortlessly connected while you explore all the wonders the States have to offer.


In fact, selecting the right plan or SIM card can be a crucial decision, impacting how seamlessly you stay connected. And here, at our service, we understand the significance of this choice. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, a heavy data user, or need occasional connectivity, we have an array of options to cater to your unique needs.

Moreover, our selection covers a spectrum of plans designed to accommodate various usage patterns. What is more, we prioritize affordability and flexibility, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
First, we offer plans specifically tailored to those who rely on their devices for streaming, video calls, or other data-heavy activities. These plans not only provide ample data but also ensure consistent and high-speed connectivity.

Alternatively, if you’re more of an occasional user, our budget-friendly options might be the perfect fit for you. Besides, these plans offer a balance between affordability and necessary features, ensuring you stay connected without overspending.

Select the plan that suits your requirements the most.

  • 6GB of High-Speed data (Unlimited at up to 128 kbps speed thereafter)
  • Unlimited nationwide Talk & Text
  • Unlimited Talk & Text to 75+ Countries
  • Hotspot Capable – Yes
  • eSim – N/A
  • Unlimited Domestic Talk & Text
  • 12GB of High-Speed data
  • Esim – Yes
  • Hotspot Capable – Yes
  • Canada and Mexico roaming – Add-on option
  • Unlimited Calls to 70 Countries – Add-on option
Unl 5G/mo
  • Unlimited domestic talk, texts
  • Unlimited 5G High-Speed data
  • eSim – Yes
  • Hotspot Capable – Unlimited at 3G speeds
  • Canada and Mexico roaming – Add-on option
  • Unlimited Calls to 70 Countries – Add-on option

Choose your plan or SIM Card

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Best Benefits

  • SIM card, Guaranteed to work in the US
  • Get your number before you travel
  • Unlimited calls & text within the USA
  • Lowest rates in the world, check this out!
  • Fast Reliable Shipping, Within 3 business days.
  • One payment includes all, No hidden costs.
  • Perfect service, high reliability, Connect before you land!

Express Shipping

We deliver your SIM Card directly to you at any location in the world or to a place of your choice in the U.S. Within 3 Business Days via FedEx

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The kinds of institutions that exist in the finance industry.

The choice of a SIM card can be tough. It’s important to know how much data you need and when. If you’re not sure, this is the SIM for you! You get a lot for your money and the setup process is really easy.

This SIM card is the best prepaid SIM card because it offers international calling and data usage at an affordable price. I’ve been traveling to the US for work and just needed a prepaid service for my phone. It’s perfect!

I needed a SIM card for my upcoming trip to the US and couldn’t believe how expensive they were. Then I found this SIM card. It was really cheap, is easy to set up, and worked great when I tried it out in NYC. I’d recommend getting it ahead of your next US visit so you don’t have to worry about it!

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